Most Beautiful Beaches in Abu Dhabi

Caribbean feeling

Beach Holiday in Abu Dhabi

Of course Abu Dhabi also offers a lot of possibilities for beach lovers. The desert city is often underestimated when it comes to beaches and watersports. More and more holidayers are discovering the capital as their new secure destination for spending the perfect beach vacation. One reason for this is certainly that the water temperatures never fall below 21 ° and move between 27°C (80,6F) and 32°C (89,6F) most of the year.

A rumor that makes us smile again and again is the beach clothing. NO, women do not have to wear a Burkini in Abu Dhabi! Of course, women are allowed to enjoy the sun in a bikini or bathing suit.

We think that the following pictures are proof enough to end this rumor once and for all. Tourists as well as arabic women are showing off their curves in the newest beach fashion. But please note that being topless is forbidden.

Best beaches in Abu Dhabi

Our favourite beach

1. Saadiyat Public Beach

Saadiyat Beach is the most popular beach in Abu Dhabi, it is definitely the most beautiful beach in the area, perhaps in the entire Emirates. Abu Dhabi residents and tourists alike love this amazing, once only accessible by boat, beach. The sand is dazzling white and the water in contrast turquoise blue and on calm days, the water is crystal clear.

Since the beach has no breakwaters to the open sea there are great waves on windy days and if you are lucky you will be able to spot a dolphin or two. So keep your eyes open!

There are lifeguards in this 400m wide beach stretch, but the entire Sadiyaat beach is over 4km long and of course ideal for long beach walks. Perfect also for the avid shell collector because here you can find loads of pretty shells that are washed up by the Sadiyaat coral reef which sits 5km north of Sadiyaat beach.

During the walk, you will pass various beach hotels and the trendy Saadiyat Beach Club. And do not be shy, the beach sections of the hotels and the beach club are private, but that only means that you are not allowed to use the pool and lie there. But of course crossing is allowed and you could also pop in for a drink at the poolbar of those hotels.

Amenities of Sadiyaat Public Beach:

  • Water sports such as windsurfing and sailing
  • Weekly yoga classes on the beach
  • Beach volleyball
  • Beach Cafe
  • Over 300 sunbeds with umbrellas
  • Lockers, clean showers, toilets and changing rooms

Arrival: By taxi or car - about 200 parking spaces are available.

Costs: Admission costs AED35 for adults and AED20 for children over 6 years. Beach chairs can be rented on weekdays for AED40 at the weekend for around AED60.

Opening hours: The beach is open daily from 8 to sunset (the lifeguard will let you know with his whistle when they close)

no alcohol allowed - only available in neighbouring hotels and beach club.

The copacapana of the Middle East

2. Corniche Beach

The Corniche Public Beach has a total lengths of 1km and invites you to take a leisurely stroll or for a bit of jogging along the water It stretches along the city parallell to the famous Abu Dhabi corniche road. Here you will not only be able to enjoy the beautiful white sandy beach but you will have the impressive backdrop of the Abu Dhabi skyline right behind you. Perfect for the selfie fanatics out there...

The entire Corniche is protected by a artificially built breakwater and are therefore perfectly suitable for families with smaller kids.

If you like it quiet this beach is perfect as it is mostly frequented by singles and couples. Families rather go to Al Bahar or Al Sahil beach that are a bit further up and offer more amenities for families.

The skyline of Abu Dhabi makes for an impressive picture as this beach is closest to the city center, yet it is quiet and peaceful.

There are showers and toilets but no coffee shops or snack bars.

Entrance fee: free

3. Al Bahar Beach

This amazing newest addition to the Abu Dhabi beach life starts beside the Nation Riviera Beach Club and has a huge offering of activities and amenities including a giant aqua bouncing castle, 2 huge pirate playgrounds, a fitness parcour, coffeeshops, restaurants, showers, toilets and much more...

The beach is beautifully located right opposite the Abu Dhabi breakwater and the water is calm and crystal clear. Right behind the beach you will have the chance to play volleayball, football or do some exercises at the fitness parcour.

In the distance you can admire the city´s impressive skyline and there are plenty of coffeeshops and little foodtrucks that are offering a wide variety of delicious snacks and fresh smoothies. You can also rent bikes and buggies to explore the rest of the corniche promenade.

Entrance fee: free
Aqua Bounce castle: AED100 for 1 hour and AED150 for the whole day

The Big Bus Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tour stops here

4. Al Sahil Beaches - Gate 1-6

For the sport fanatics there are beach volleball courts, football courts and a fitness parcour. You can promenade up and down the corniche on wooden planks and have a cup of cappuccino while your kids enjoy a buggy ride. There are 3 areas where you can rent bikes and buggys. After a long day on the beach, little charming beach restaurants invite you to have a bite to eat before you return back to your hotel.

Sahil Family Beach - Gate 1 & 2

This beach is surrounded by a fence and single men are not welcome here. This is family only. There are sunloungers, umbrellas, coffeshops, ice cream parlor, showers, toilets and a playground.

Entrance fee: AED10,50 adults and AED5,50 for older kids

Sahil Mixed Beach (free entry) - Gate 3 & 4

This beach is accessible to everyone and is popular because there is no entrance fee. There is a large playground. You have to bring your own sunbeds and umbrellas but there are showers and toilets.

Entrance fee: free

Sahil Mixed Beach - Gate 5 & 6

This beach is for men and women alike. There are sunloungers, umbrellas, toilets, showers and snack bars.

Entrance fee: AED10,50 adults and AED5,50 for older kids

Easy Access

Corniche, Al Bahar and Sahil Beaches are within quick reach from any of the city´s hotel, just tell the taxi to drop you off at one of the many stops on the way and you will directly enter the beach. If you have your own rental car, you can park your car at the other side of the corniche road in one of the many paid parking areas.

All beaches are monitored by lifeguards and security staff. Alcohol is not allowed at Sahil Beach.
New leisure & entertainment island

5. Hudayriat Island Beach

This amazing new addition to Abu Dhabi was only opened to the public in July 2018 and is the new hotspot for beach and sport fanatics. Al Hudayriat Island is connected to the mainland city by a very impressive bridge and the entire island is only dedicated to sport and recreation. It features a 10km cycle track with bike rental, beachvolleyball, basketball, tennis and football courts, kayaking and kite surfing opportunities and plenty of foodtrucks.

The 600m long beach is free for the public and there is a huge kids play area, sunbeds for rent and toilets and showers.

Entrance fee
: free

Beach with Alcohol

6. Yas Public Beach

Yas Beach is, as the name implies, on Yas Island, one of the most famous artificial islands in Abu Dhabi right beside Ferrari world, F1 Grand Prix Race Track and Yas Waterworld. With a wide range of activities such as jet skiing, beach volleyball, kayaks and an outdoor fitness center, this beach is an eldorado for those who get bored just lying around.

Of course, you can also relax on the beach and enjoy the sun. If you prefer something more luxurious and comfortable, you can rent a cabana and sip your cocktail in privacy.

Admission fees:
weekdays around AED50 for adults and around AED25 for children
weekends around AED100 for adults and AED50 for kids
Private Cabanas cost extra

Opening hours: daily 10am to 7pm

Only public beach in Abu Dhabi that serves alcohol

Popular with residents and locals

Al Bateen beach

Al Bateen is an exclusive villa district west of Abu Dhabi. The beach overlooks Al Hudayriat Island and Al Hudayriat Bridge. Here you will find picturesque views and clear water and due to its vicinity to the villas, the beach is mainly frequented by "Locals". Ideal for fishing, swimming and picnics on the beach.

Recently awarded the prestigious Blue Flag Sustainability Award by the Emirates Wildlife Authority, the beach stretches over 800 yards of pristine shoreline and has amenities such as showers and changing rooms, restrooms and children's playgrounds.

For people looking for action, the Al Bateen beach is ideal. From beach volleyball to water sports such as kayaking and stand up paddling, it is perfect for a family outing.

Entrance: free