Manara Al Saadiyat - Art Gallery

Manarat Al Saadiyat is located close to the Louvre Abu Dhabi and is part of the capital´s new cultural disctrict. It is a high-tech art center for local cultural displays & international exhibitions, plus theater and photography gallery.

The Manarat Al Saadiyat gallery features local and international exhibitions and its impressive architecture alone is worth a visit. Even if you are not an art lover you will enjoy your visit here. There are guided tours in various languages available for free. They invite people to just relax, hang out, be inspired and discover a wide range of artistic expressionism. Or you can exchange ideas with other visitors, watch a movie or have a bite to eat.

The gallery celebrates Abu Dhabi’s booming cultural diversity and creativity and they very much support local or foreign artists and encourage them to step out into the open.

Visitors will be part of a cultural experience from both UAE and international artists. This amazing place is open to all and the entrance is free. Make this a part of your Abu Dhabi city tour and learn more about the UAE´s rich diversity.

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Location, Tickets & Opening Hours

Close to the Abu Dhabi Louvre on Al Saadiyat Island - Get Directions

Free Entry

Opening Hours:
Daily: 9am to 8pm

You can ask for a free tour, the multilingual staff will be happy to show you around.