All you should know about Abu Dhabi

Why visit Abu Dhabi

Safest city in the world

Abu Dhabi offers year-round sunshine, stunning beaches and a clean, very safe environment plus plenty of classy hotels, clubs and restaurants. Although the official language is Arabic, English is widely spoken and visitors will not have communication difficulties.

What many do not know: Abu Dhabi is the safest city in the world! For the second time in a row, "Numbeo" has declared the capital of the emirates the safest city in the world compared to 338 other cities worldwide.

The country was only founded December 1971, and the pace of change has been fast, but not compared to the overwhelming scale of Dubai.

The city of Abu Dhabi lies in various stages of development, but one that has been well planned: several major projects on neighbouring islands such as Al Reem, Al Maryah, Yas and Saadiyat are currently taking shape and the skyline is changing very fast.

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best sightseeing in Abu Dhabi

In December 2017 was the anticipated opening date for the Louvre Abu Dhabi. One of five new museums that are in planning for the next years. Exhibits from the Louvre and the Guggenheim’s new collections are being shown at the Louvre Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi visitors from all over the world are mainly attracted by the modern lifestyle, amazing beaches, beautiful hotels and abundance of activities yet untainted by public drunkenness and other anti-social behaviours seen in so many popular tourist destinations.

Transportation in form of taxis is clean, efficient and cheap. A ride starts at AED4,50 with an additional AED1,75 per kilometer. The minimum cost for any ride will be AED12,50. A regular ride from your hotel in the city centre to anywhere within the city will cost you around AED15 (4$)

The UAE currency is the AED, the Emirati Dirham.