Only 1 hour drive from Dubai

The Capital of the UAE

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the second most populous city after Dubai. The UAE has 7 Emirates, Abu Dhabi being by far the largest of them covering around 90% of the total land of the emirates. The center of the city with its approximately 1,4mil inhabitants is located on a 70 km² island in the Persian Gulf, right in the middle of a protected mangrove belt that invites visitors to explore with a guided or unguided kayak tour.

The half island city is connected to the mainland by the Mussafa bridge, the al-Maqtaa Bridge, the bridge leading to Sadiyat and the Sheikh Zayed Bridge. The main island is surrounded by artificially extended islands that are currently only partly developed.

Highlights of Abu Dhabi

The Corniche
Facing the sea at the north-western edge of the island lies the Corniche featuring various beaches, restaurants, hotels and at the end of the corniche you can find the famous Emirates Palace Hotel and the impressive presidential palace.

Since 2003 the Corniche was broadened and beautiful beaches were created. At the north end of the Corniche is a 1km wide and 5km long strip, which can be regarded as the center due to its dense buildings and beauty. We advise all visitors to take a stroll on the corniche or rent one of the bikes available beside the Nation Riviera Beach Club and just enjoy the beautiful promenade.

Walking time from one end of the corniche, starting point Emirates Palace Hotel, to the other end at Mina Dhow harbor will be, depending on your speed, around 2hours walking or 25min on a bike.

The corniche is definitely the most popular place for visitors in Abu Dhabi as you will be able to see the city and its people while taking in the crisp blue skies, turquoise waters and white sandy beaches right beside the impressive skyline of the capital. You will also find most of the bus stops along the corniche.

Abu Dhabi Map