Crystal clear water

Cool pools surrounded by rocks and waterfalls

The scene is simply magnificent. Streams of fresh water flow between narrow openings in the rocks.

As you wade further through the rocks, the water becomes crystal clear and quite deep, allowing you to see the fish that inhabit the pools. Take a swim and when you look down it feels otherworldly because at the deepest section you can see how the rocks form below, getting closer together and forming crevices. Then at the end of the pool you will encounter a mini waterfall that drops over the edge of the rocks.

How to get there:

To visit this beautiful place we recommend to reserve a full day and maybe rent a 4x4 vehicle. The road is mainly paved but just before you reach the pools there is a unpaved road and you might feel more comfortable in a SUV. The pools are a 2h35min drive away from Abu Dhabi and you need to plan some extra time for the border crossing as the Hatta pools are located in Oman just across the border from Abu Dhabi.

It’s a smooth ride to the pools for most of the journey, with only a small stretch of off road driving.

Visa to Oman needed

You will need to apply for a Omani visa a minimum of 4 days prior to your visit. The visa can be obtained online and you will also need to make a car insurance at the border crossing. Please inform your car rental company that you need a no objection certificate to cross into Oman territory.

Please also note that you have to drive through the Al Ain border crossing (use the Sharja to Kalba road and then from Munai turn to Hawilat road to Hatta) as the Hatta crossing is reserved only for Emirati and Omani nationals.

The only thing that spoils the picture a little bit is the graffiti on the rocks and some rubbish floating on the edges of the water. But the staff from the Hatta Fort Hotel voluntarily spend a few hours weekly to clean up the pools .

So on the whole, exploring Hatta Rock Pools is definetely an inspiring experience and with it being quite easily accessible, it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Stay at the Hatta Fort Hotel to spend an enchanting night.