Al Ain Oases, near Abu Dhabi

Shady cool walkways surrounded by palms

green oasis in the desert

With a self sufficient water source. The presence of an oasis helps create a suitable living environment for animals and humans. In the heart of Al Ain, near Al Ain National Museum one discovers one of those impressive natural occurences. It is filled with palm plantations, many of which are still working farms.

The shady, cool walks transport you from the noise and heat of the city to a tranquil quiet haven. Just listen to the birdsong and the rustle of the palm fronds.

With a 3,000-year-old falaj irrigation system, Al Ain Oasis features a series of mesmerising water channels.

The oasis is spread over an incredible 1,200 hectares (3,000 acres) and containing more than 147000 date palms. There are 8 entrances to choose from to explore how countless generations have tapped into underground wells to keep the city of al ain green.

Opening Hours, Costs & Location

The date palm oasis is one of a growing number of ecosystems in the UAE that have been formally recognised by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

The oasis has been designated as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS) and the FAO has explicitely praised the UAE’s active conservation efforts on various occasions.

Location: in Al Ain - south-east of Abu Dhabi - 1.30h drive from the capital (see maps below)

Entry: free

Opening hours:
Oasis: daily 8am-5pm
Restaurants, Cafes & Shops: daily 12pm-9pm

Location: Al Mutawaa, Al Ain

Tel: +971 3 712 8429 or +971 3 712 8523