Is christmas celebrated?

Christmas holiday in the UAE

Christmas vacation in Abu Dhabi? Celebrate Christmas in a Muslim country? Is that possible? These and more questions probably come up when your are planning your christmas vacation in the UAE.

The simple answer is: Of course it´s possible

Anyone who has ever been to Abu Dhabi during the Christmas season knows that there are probably more Christmas trees here than in most European towns. Everybody just loves christmas and even though the population is mostly moslem, it is celebrated with great joy. All shopping malls, restaurants and coffeshops are festively decorated and at almost every mall and hotel you will find a Santa Claus with his elves distributing little presents to children.

Even original Christmas markets can be found here. Since most markets are located in hotel properties, nothing stands in the way of a cool beer or glass of wine. You might even come across Gluhwein.

All religions are respected and celebrated

Modern Muslim Country

The United Arab Emirates are always confused with other Muslim countries or simply thrown in one pot. Most people are probably unaware that there are countless churches in the UAE and all religions are tolerated and respected. The Hindu Festival Diwali is also a big occasion in the UAE and you will find everyone join in the celebrations.

So nothing will stand in the way of you spending your Christmas Holiday in Abu Dhabi. And what could be better than to escape the cold season a little and relax on the beach while everybody back home is freezing? The temperatures during December are moderate and never drop below 23C°. We even dare to give a sunshine guarantee. Read more about When to Visit Abu Dhabi.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Khaled Al Amiri - UAE National about Christmas