Heritage Village Abu Dhabi

From poverty to unimaginable wealth

Reconstructed Villages, camels and a souq

In the pleasantly tranquil Heritage Village traditional buildings and authentic exhibits speak of a complete different time of the United Arab Emirates. The oil boom and thus resulting wealth is not so long ago and here it is shown clearly that the people in the '70s were still very poor and their only source of income was pearl diving, farming and fishing.

The authentic replica of a fishing village and a desert camp with mosque and workshops show the original construction of old villages in the UAE and in a museum you can see loads of exhibits from the old days.

Your kids will like the camel, goats and cow that are habitants of this charming cultural village.

In a small souq like you can buy handicrafts, traditional attire, spices and other souvenirs and in a seaside restaurant you can dine while overlooking the stunning skyline and Corniche of Abu Dhabi while sampling delicious arabic food.

There are no other cities in the world that grew as rapidly and furiously as Abu Dhabi and Dubai and you will be astounded to see that just 50 years back the local people still lived in little huts right at the beach where now looms one of the most impressive skyline in the world.

Opening Hours & Location

Directions & Location: situated on the breakwater, beside Marina Mall Abu Dhabi, facing the fantastic city skyline. Just follow the Corniche and drive onto the breakwater to the giant flagpole or just visit the village as part of a half or full day bus tour.

Visiting Hours:
Sat. to Thur: 9am to 4pm
Fri: 3.30pm to 9pm

the entrance is free

We strongly recommend to visit the Heritage Village during morning hours as it tends to be very crowded in the late afternoon when all the tourist busses arrive.

The Big Bus Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tour stops here