Various Designated Cycle Tracks

Abu Dhabi cycle paradise

There are various cycle tracks in Abu Dhabi and we strongly encourage every visitor to, at least, try the corniche cycle track. This is definitely the best way to explore the most beautiful area of Abu Dhabi.

All of these tracks offer bike rental for adults and kids and at the Yas Marina Circuit you will even get a bike for free.

The perfect cycling weather in Abu Dhabi is from November to May. The rest of the year is for the more heat resistent among us but even those will prefer to ride after 6pm.

Due to the obesity among Abu Dhabi residents the government have initiated a lot of new sporting activities to encourage its residents to become more healthy and one of those initiatives are that more cycle tracks are being built throughout the city.

Best Cycle Tracks in Abu Dhabi (see details below):

1. CORNICHE BIKE TRACK - a leisurely, scenic drive along the coast of Abu Dhabi

2. AL HUDAYRIAT ISLAND TRACK - Seaview track on a newly developed "sport" island

3. AL WATHBA DESERT CYCLE TRACK - a loop desert track 40km from Abu Dhabi

4. QASR AL SARAB FAT BIKE TOURS - Dune cycling with fat bikes through the Empty Quarter

5. FAIRMONT PEDAL POWER - Ride a Mercedes bike through the city

6. YAS MARINA CIRCUIT - Night cycling on the original Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Track

Cycle Tracks in Abu Dhabi

1. Corniche Bike Track

This fantastic scenic bike track along the coastline and the famous corniche road takes you from one end of the city at the Mina Dhow harbor past the iconic Emirates Palace Hotel to the Presidential Palace.

The track runs parallel to the corniche promenade and is very popular with residents and tourists alike. On your way you will pass various landmarks, public beaches like Al Bahar, coffeeshops, beach volleyball courts, fitness parcours, two beach clubs like the Hilton and Nation Riviera and famous hotels.

If you take a right after the former Hilton Hotel and just before you reach the Emirates Palace Hotel, the track will take you onto the city´s breakwater across to the other side.

There you will have spectacular views over the city´s skyline. You could even cycle up to the world heritage village and pay a short visit. Still further on you will reach the giant flagpole of Abu Dhabi, one of the city´s most impressive landmarks (It used to be the largest in the world).

There are 3 bike rental stations on the Corniche. One is right beside the Nationa Riviera Beachclub, one is close to Abu Dhabi public beach and the last one is close to the Sheraton Hotel.

Its a pick and drop off system. So you can rent it from any of the stations and return it to another along the way.

Bike rental charges: from AED20 for 1 hour

2. Al Hudayriat Island Cycle Track

The newly developed Al Hudayriat Island is a whole Island dedicated to sports and beach activities. It was only openend in the summer of 2018 and features a 5km and 10km cycle track with scenic sea and city views. The cycle track is not crowded at all and during the week you might find yourself alone. It is a breathtaking track and after your bike ride you can hit the free public beach, rent a kayak or drive by any of the foodtrucks for some dynamite shrimps and a fresh smoothie.

Bike helmets have to be worn throughout the track.

We recommend to start your tour at 4.30pm to enjoy the cooler time of day and the incredible sunset that bathes the whole island in all shades of oranges and pinks.

Bike rental from Yas Cycles is open from 5.30am till 10am and 5pm till midnight

Photo Gallery Al Hudayriat Island

3. Al Wathba Cycle Track

To get to Al Wathba cycle track (40 min drive from downtown Abu Dhabi) we recommend to have a rental car. The track is purpose built for eager cyclists and race cyclers who wish to avoid the bustle of the city and cycle without car fumes. There are great facilities with a 24/7 coffeeshop.

The looped track goes from 30km, 24km, 20km, 18km, 16km, 12km and 8km and will give you lots of options regarding distance. There is a built in elevation that is not challenging for the average biker. There are sometimes strong gusts of wind on the first and last stretch of the track.

There is a bike shop which will rent out bikes from AED30 per hour

4. Qasr Al Sarab - Dune Cycling

The amazing Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara has recently added fat biking into their activitiy program for their guests. There are 10 fat bikes to conquer the large dunes that surround the resort.

Its a whole lot of fun to ride those bikes with their 4.8 inch wide tyres (which gives the bikes their name). Dont miss this unique opportunity to tackle the dunes of the Empty Quarter, which is the worlds largest desert.

In this guided desert tour, which lasts about 1.30h to 2h, you will cover around 7-10km of sandy track.

Tour cost: from AED175

5. Fairmont Pedal Power

The 5* Hotel Fairmont Bab Al Bahr and Mercedes have teamed up to give visitors and guests the chance to rent Mercedes bikes.

As part of the rental package you will receive a helmet and a cycling map that outlines suitable routes of 3, 5 and 10km options around the hotel. The bikes can be taken to the Yas Marina Circuit for the tuesday night race. (see below)

Please make the booking through the hotel’s guest services desk.

Rental cost per hour: from AED 50

6. Yas Marina Cycle Track

This experience is very unique. It was initiated by the government to encourage the residents of Abu Dhabi to take to sports. Here you can follow in the footsteps of Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton and drive your bike on the original Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Track, just a bit slower....

The track is open to the public every sunday and tuesday from 6pm till midnight

Bike rental: free

Registration beforehand is necessary