Are there dolphins in Abu Dhabi

Are there any dolphins in Abu Dhabi? This question can be answered with a big YES. And there are more than most would expect.

The Arabian (Persian) Gulf off Abu Dhabi is teeming with around 2,500 dolphins, with two species living here. On the one hand there are around 700 humpback dolphins and on the other hand about 1,800 bottlenose dolphins. The humpback dolphins living here are the largest population of this species worldwide.

While the bottlenose dolphins are found in shallow areas as well on the open ocean, the humpback dolphins almost exclusively prefer the shallow waters off the coast of Abu Dhabi. Here they are also very often found in the countless channels of the city.

Due to the large number, the chances are very high here in Abu Dhabi to see these graceful animals on a boat trip. With a bit of luck the dolphins are in a playful mood and will be "surfing" in the bow wave of your boat.