About us

Who are we

We are Barbara and Gerhard, two Austrians and we just love Abu Dhabi. The information you find on these pages come first hand because we have been living here since years.

After several visits of friends and family, we were always amazed, with which shocking prejudices they arrived in Abu Dhabi.

"As a woman you have to veil yourself!"
"Women are not allowed to drive either!"
"And you surely have to wear a burkini at the beach"
"A Christian in a Muslim country - how does that work?"
"Drinking alcohol gets you into jail!"
"It´s just too dangerous for me!"

After a few days in the city, however, opinions about Abu Dhabi have changed rapidly. There was not a single visitor who was not fascinated by the beauty, cleanliness and security of the city and they were stunned by the people´s almost exaggerated friendliness.

"Wow, I really did not expect it to be that nice!"
"Its so much more modern than I thought. Even more modern than most citys in Europe!"
"And I thought, I always have to wear long pants or skirts!"
"Everyone here is always so friendly and super polite!"
"The sea and the beaches are absolutely gorgeous, just wonderful!"
"I dont want to go back home....."

And most of them have returned already 2,3 times ...

After hearing all this misconceptions about Abu Dhabi we have decided to start this project to dispel some of the biggest misunderstandings about Abu Dhabi and to present to visitors the most interesting and entertaining things to do and best places to visit.

Khalid Al Ameri - a UAE national talks about UAE misconceptions

​More about us

Barbara was fortunate enough to live here for 14 years from 1989. That was at a time when Abu Dhabi was still a small town and tourism was still largely unknown. After an interruption of 12 years, she finally returned to the Emirates in 2016.

For Gerhard it was simply love at first sight during a holiday in 2014 - Abu Dhabi! Fascinated by the city, it took two more years until the decision was made: we are leaving! Get out of the mostly rainy Austria and live where others make vacation.

Did we regret this decision? Not a single second!

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